Startup thinking, for good

We believe technology and the startup ethos can make a difference.
Be lean, think different, solve problems.


Build products efficiently to solve issues. Think of it like a business; none of the bloat and fluff of many charities. Just get things done!


Deploy our solutions as quick as we can, observe the real world effects. Make an impact!


You see that dollar sign up there? That money's not going in our pockets, it's going back into projects that help more people.

Who we are

We are a collection of entrepreneurs, founders, developers, designers, marketers, lawyers, photocopiers, domino players and guitar tuners.
Team bios in progress

Team bios in progress

There are some really interesting people working at Loose Change Lab with a huge range of experiences in both the tech/startup world and the not-for-profit sector.

What we are working on

We work on projects that are like their own mini startups that fall under the general Loose Change Lab umbrella. More details coming soon!!!!
Project Blip

Project Blip

Changing how we help the homeless

The world is changing fast, cars are driving themselves. We are moving forward but the men and women who live on the street still have no home.

What's next?

What's next?


If you have a great idea for something that can solve a real issue in an exciting new way, we are all ears!

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